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Having completed our inaugural school year with 11 schools and 35 students in Palm Beach County, we are proud that there are now 85 students who are "paying-it-forward" at their schools and their communities. Participating schools are offering the HEALeaders presentations in May 2023.


Educational Seminars are available in the United States.

Quotes from teachers and students:

  • "I had an amazing team of students with whom to work.  They put in so much time and effort to educate their peers; they actually taught several of my classes and did a fantastic job.  They planned school-wide activities, guest speakers, and videos that, I am sure, taught our faculty and staff, as well.   

    Every school should seriously consider participating in this program. According to one student, 'It was such an honor to take on a leadership role and educate my fellow students on the Holocaust. I look forward to hopefully doing the program again this year. '"      

Sincerely,   Annette Levine, teacher at Don Estridge Middle School.

  • "We had actual stories about how the survivors lived as kids and teenagers which can be really interesting." Ilena DuCastle, student at William T. Dwyer HS.

  • "The HEAL program, in my eyes, was such a stimulating experience in such an uplifting way. Before I joined, the only info I had gotten was about what the organization revolved around (the Holocaust) and that the program was meant to prevent such an act to ever occur again. The main action that the students had to create and perform was what really shocked me, in the best way of course. Not only does it help spread awareness, but it also helps students  think creatively, strategically, and motivationally. There is no doubt that this program changed my life."  Navi Minnamareddy, student at Don Estridge Middle School.

  • "It has given me a deeper understanding into the Holocaust by providing me time to talk to actual survivors." Jack Pawlowski, student at  American Heritage High School.

Two minute HEAL video Description

62 Zlota Sienna.JPG
Nuremberg Nazi convention Sep 10 35 flags
Frieze on Rapaport Memorial in the Warsaw Ghetto

Rapaport Memorial to Ghetto Fighters - Warsaw Ghetto

October 1935 Nazi Rally at  Nuremburg by State Flags

Radegast Sation Umschlagplatz in Lodz Poland

Radegast Station (Umschlagplatz) in Lodz

Remnant of Original Warsaw Ghetto Wall

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