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HEAL-OUTSIDE Palm Beach County

Limanowskiego gate to Cracow Ghetto 1941.jpg

Limanowskiego Entrance to Cracow Ghetto 1943

Radegast Station box cars.JPG

Cattle Cars used at Radegast Station in Lodz

Anne Frank background_edited.png

        The HEAL program can easily be adapted for individual faith-based institutions and service groups for teens and adults. Custom-built curriculum is developed with these organizations after discussions with stake-holders.


         Virtual (Zoom or Google Meet) and/or Live programming can be organized. Participants are educated on the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides through listening to survivors testifying about their personal history and framing the sessions around the survivor's experience.  


        Participants are shown historical segments  through film, art, music and pertinent readings.  A segment about leadership and advocacy skills, program planning, as well as social commitment from participants to bring to their institutions, can be included.


        After the clinic(s) is/are completed with participants from the organization they become "HEALeaders" and will "pay-it-forward" to the members of the community. The "HEALeaders" will develop and carry out a suitable program for their organization.

        The HEAL facilitator, cooperating with organization stake-holders, will assist in developing the type of program the "HEALeaders" will generate.  HEAL Clinic facilitators are accomplished Holocaust/Genocide educators who move Holocaust and genocide education, hate, and antisemitism awareness to a higher and meaningful level for the "HEALeaders" and their organizations.


       HEAL facilitators maintain contact with organizations through the planning and implementation of the program the "HEALeaders" create.

Inset - Anne Frank

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